Monday, November 30, 2009

We Are The People.

Better start this before my glass of mediocre Pinot Noir kicks in.
Too late.

It's been quite a while since I have touched this blog. Apparently my life was SO funky and fresh that I couldn't even put it into words!

Summer has come and gone and what a whirlwind that was. I could honestly say that this past summer has changed my life and started something beautiful. I've started two of what could be considered to be slightly illicit love affairs. Both have slammed my soul and torn me apart only to put me back into the woman I'm slowly becoming. Both still have me feeling the way I felt when I was first introduced to them. Both have me completely head over heels and starry eyed. Luckily, the two affairs go hand-in-hand and coincide to orchestrate the beat of my heart.

They were both there for some of the greatest moments. Long summer car rides, late night escapades, love making under the stars, and dancing to the heaviest bass lines that your ears could ever try to comprehend...constantly being blanketed in so much warmth and ecstasy. They made me scream at the top of my lungs and pound the walls just in pure intensity of single my eyes & ears in a different way...and awaken my inner being.

I don't believe that my heart has beat any faster than it has since the heat of July set in and even now in the crisp December air. My summer love(s) have seemed to prolong themselves and have stayed with me. I wake up in the morning and look upon someone who shines brighter than the sun and warms me from the inside to out. He rolls over and invites my other lover in, with the simple flip of a switch on the speaker...and together we start the day off right.

Dubstep. You saved my soul.
RZO. You are my soul.

So while the winter settles in (I'll be cold chillin'), my summer breeze seems to keep blowing...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Music is my boyfriend.

Well. Not really. But hey, you know what I'm getting at!

As part as my "soul searching" hiatus I've been able to take some time to myself and enjoy many simple pleasures of life. Now, I know it's so cliché to say this but music is my life! Who doesn't LOVE music? (On a scale of 1-10...10 being OMG SO MUCH!)

Part of my goals for the year were to really explore and part of that is going on a musical journey. As I've done for years, I've been continuously hunting for the perfect sound, the kind that moves you. I always wondered to myself, besides playing the piano as a kid, why didn't I ever try to fully indulge in the creation of my own sound, my own beat to walk to? As a dancer I have never had trouble with rhythm or self-expression, so it only makes sense to push those assets in an alternate direction.

Recently, (mostly out of being bored and dicking around) I was able to learn how to use turntables... (ha!)
One word: addictive.

Not only was it thrilling, exciting, refreshing...etc., but I was really able to manipulate what I was going to hear and create what felt good in my ears. Just sitting there playing around with beats and having my good friend Myles (DJ MYLES B FOUND AT MERCURY & BUNGALOW haha promo...) dance by my side has become my new favorite pastime. Just the reactions coming from him and whoever else is there at that given time gives me such an overwhelming feeling. "OH SH*T SON!!! I told you she got this on lockdown, guyyyy!"

Anyways, with recent encounters with DJ's (i.e. Mix Master Mike, Keys N Krates, DJ PUMP) that have become routine in my social life, I've noticed that I actually understand the art of turntablism which actually enhanced my already eternal love for music.

With that said, I'm not trying to be the next Samantha Ronson (although, lesbianism is cool). I'm just glad I have a new hobby, a new passion. FINALLY! Just all a part of my musical journey, so it'll be interesting to see where this takes me. Guitar lessons in the works...once I get some cash money. Also, I had my first dance class back in about two years...a breaking/hip hop class with One Circle (Hesam & Oliver were great teachers). Slowly but surely I'll be well on my way to figure my young, curious life out.

On a recent trip back to Montreal for the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, I was fortunate, scratch that. I was committed enough to claim my spot 3 1/2 hours before the show, deal with rude and impatient crowds, and endure the pouring buckets of rain just to catch a glimpse and be blessed with the musical melodies of one of the greats, Stevie Wonder. What a guy! And what a night! Soaked through but I danced my little booty off and let his voice and beats infuse me. If you haven't really listened to much Stevie (who are you?), I recommend you do. It's very nutritious and delicious to go back and listen to some classics and feed your musical roots! The sounds you hear today are products of the past. Listen to some jazz, listen to some blues, some classical, a bit of traditional music if you have to...and really discover the vastness of the art.

"It just feels so good in my ears!" The crowd just went OFF and everyone was moving. I looked around me and nearly everyone I could see had a grin, were dancing like mad, or just bopping their end in content.

Before the show started, they were playing Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 songs that really got the crowd's energy up and going. People started dance circles, impatience was replaced with relaxation, and voices belting out the lyrics formed a choir. Stevie also included an MJ tribute in his show which was fantastic and really touching. It's amazing how widespread one person's work can be...even for another influential artist like Stevie Wonder.

Oh, MANNNNN!!! I'm getting so excited over just typing this out...yipeee! I saw Stevie!! Haha!

Anyways, don't think I have to further explain my love of music or how others should love it too...I think we all understand what one single song can do for you.

Until then mysterious people who stumble across this mediocre blog...
I leave you with my favorite MJ & Stevie tracks to check out when you've got the time. With all this talk of music it's only right to pay respects to fundamental artists. I know it's become yet another cliché to talk about MJ but in reality, we all know he's the greatest and has been a huge influence on every aspect of music. Musical geniuses!!!!

"Ribbon In The Sky" -Stevie Wonder. Brings me to tears!

"Got To Be There" -Michael Jackson
Ok. So I can't say this is my favorite because like most people, I have many. But this one is young Michael yet is so mature and ...real. It's amazing.

Enjoy! And hopefully this wasn't too long. Just wanted to get my point across...that...I LOVE MUSIC!!! Hahahahaha.

Funky Fresh

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It has been three weeks to the day that I left my gorgeous life in la belle Montreal and moved back to the dull Calgary.  As a part of my growth I realized that in order to do what is right for myself I must sacrifice my French-Canadian lifestyle. Oh, how I miss that city!  

Just one month ago was I still living in my downtown apartment on Rue Mackay, the prime location for a Concordia student. Fresh into summer vacation, I was free to roam the city and do as I pleased. Visits to the Musée des Beaux-Arts, hot yoga on a rainy afternoon, walks around the Old Port and Chinatown, hours spent drinking on a terrasse, and delicious nights in a lively neighborhood. 

It's easy to get caught up in the glory of Montreal and I certainly did. I realized that I had to get out and re-focus on my goals and my future, I had to deal with reality. So, I gave up the easy life, packed up my life into boxes and suitcases, and headed west. 

I miss everything about Montreal. From the West Island to the South Shore, from Hollywood and his banana to the Spoons Man on Ste. Catherine, from shawarmas to poutine... That city had it all.

There are so many things I need to do before I make my move back out east. Since it's been a big dream of mine since childhood to move to Montreal, I feel like I rushed it a little bit. Montreal, one day I will return to you. I will re-discover the beauty of living in a Euro-inspired, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, filled-with-everything-awesome city. 


Until then...
I have so many adventures to go on, so many places to see, mass amounts of people to encounter, and so much living to do! 

Countless cities are calling my name and are waiting for me to fall in love with them and I'm going to see what they've got to show me. Boston, Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto, New York City...

Foreign countries are opening their doors to me and welcome me with open arms to help me open my eyes and my heart. A South American tour, French lessons in Paris...

Undiscovered talents are also abroad and forgotten talents waiting to be found once again.

Basically, I left my life in Montreal to start other ones. I've always dreamt of so many lives I could live and this is it, this is my chance. So, without further adieu....

It's been a slow start but as soon as I get it going...I's going to be one hell of a year.

Funky Fresh